Dr. Tuff
Dr. Tuff
An Ecologist with a Physics problem

An ecologist with a physics problem


Hey, I’m Ty! And I think for a living.


Mostly, I think about how to describe nature using concepts from math and physics. I specialize in adding spatial movement to ecological and evolutionary processes, and I’m especially fascinated by the idea of relative motion—i.e. the spatial patterns that emerge when we consider how different parts of the natural world move in different directions or at different speeds relative to each other.

I test these ideas using a mix of theory, simulations, and highly replicated experiments with an emphasis on testing mathematical theory using experimental data. Over the last ten years as a scientist, I have shown that motion is a powerful ecological mechanism that alters how natural systems operate. I have also shown that taking account of relative motion in our mathematical models can unlock secrets about the ways ecological and evolutionary processes operate.

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My science:

What can the relative motion between multiple ecological components teach us about how nature works?


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